About Flora Flora


“There is nature and beauty in everything, sometimes we just have to find it.” -Flora Flora

Flora Flora is family owned and operated with not only 20 years in Jesse’s career in flower design but over a 40 year span of landscape design and masonry, making it a family affair. Jesse started her career in landscape design and proceeded into floral design.

She has worked and designed in CT, RI, MA, NY, NJ, Fishers Island and as far as St. John’s British Virgin Islands. Jesse uses her surroundings in much of her work.

Being raised in a traditional Japanese household has given her the true appreciation of nature and all that it entails. When possible Jesse uses local and organically grown flowers to build her creations. She carefully hand picks each flower to match it to the occasion, ensuring perfect satisfaction with every event.

Flora Flora also offers free, local delivery to her local clients as appreciation for their loyalty.

For all questions, appointments, quotes, or consultations please feel free to contact us.